Istmeña Cuisine

The state of Oaxaca is deservedly famous for its wonderful and varied cuisine. No region offers a richer, more colorful and delicious panorama of tastes for all palates than the isthmus of Teuantepec, in the southeastern part of the state. Blessed with mountains, ocean, tropical forest and plain, the wealth of ingredients available for the creativity and imagination of the area's inspired cooks is an important factor in the richness and diversity of Istmeño dishes. Here in the city of Oaxaca we are fortunate to have in residence one of Juchitan's most talented chefs

Her restaurant Yu Ne Nisa (land and sea in the Zapotec language of the Isthmus) has been a landmark of wonderful food for more than twenty years.


Ofelia Toledo Pineda

As a young woman in Mexico City for advanced studies, she profited from the opportunity to study in depth other styles of cuisine and culinary culture. After several years of study and work in the Federal District, Ofelia decided to settle in the city of Oaxaca with her small daughter. Her house here soon became a meeting place for fellow Istmeños who enjoyed her culinary arts so much that they urged her to open a restaurant serving authentic Istmeña food. She took up the challenge and Yu Ne Nisa was born - the pioneer restaurant in the city for this rich and varied cuisine.

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